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Hey dude! Welcome to our forum! I hope, you will enjoy your stay here! =) If you"d like, i could make a special english forum in this category, for international fans, so it would be easier for you! However, I'm not sure, if there are many of those. You are also welcome to invite your friends =)
Я его привел!!! Он сказал что только за!!!

Darth Legas

Гроза Форума
Okay then. I have to think about the structure of new forum, and i'll let you know asap, when I have my working plan ready =) Meanwhile, enjoy your stay. I know, that Google Translate cant do a good job (yet), but still, it is possible to get smth from his translations =)


Господа, фраза "my man" на сленге означает "чувак". Это так, если кто не в курсе :E4:


i dont know

it is not my game i just upload it
but u right , [background=rgb(242, 247, 250)]J2C2KL played idiotish and wasted time[/background]